Till the Cows Come Home


MATTHEW 7:16_or figs of thistles?

Jesus teaches the same simple gardening plan for figs. If you go to pick your figs—you won’t pick them from thistles. There is obviously a point Jesus is making – must be about a way to freedom!

Thistles are a type of weed. They produce purple flowers which are kind of feathery looking. Some of the flowers have more of a pom-pom look. The stem of the thistle is prickly and full of briars. They really are attractive, but if they grow in your pasture you want to get rid of them. Your livestock would appreciate it. Thistles produce an abundance of seeds and can take over your pasture, greatly reducing your livestock’s grass supply.

If you have thistles growing you can look on them from now to this time next year and won’t find any figs.

Figs grow on trees—thistles don’t. So what is this all about? And how will it help with our freedom search?  If you want grapes—go to grapevine. If you want figs—go to the fig tree. If you want truth—go to the words of the Christ.

This is the correct path to freedom. 

False teachers lead to false paths. You can follow those paths up and down, left and right, from now till the cows come home—you won’t find any freedom.   


Holy Savior, Help me know I can only find truth in You. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.     

Christ leads me to the path of truth—I find freedom!

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