What It’s All About

1. God created you with a physical body which has life, and with a spirit which also has life.

2. You live twice, once in the physical body and once in the spiritual body.

3. You have no choice but to live on earth in the physical body. You do have a choice as to where your spirit will live when your physical body dies.

4. God created you because He loves you. He loves you genuinely without any holding back or ever changing His mind. His plan is for you to live with Him forever in His heavenly home so He can love you more, and you can love Him. True, forever-after, genuine love, can never be forced or manipulated. Love is always a choice. Therefore, God does not force us to choose to love Him. The very essence of genuine love is choice—if you have no choice, it is not love. God leaves the choice to you. 

The Choice

1. Because God is perfect and His heavenly home is perfect, He cannot let anyone in who is not perfect. If He did, it would no longer be perfect because it would have imperfections in it.  Get it?

2. When God created people, He knew for them to love Him they must choose Him.  Therefore, He did not create them as puppets with no will, but gave them a free will. He gave the first two people He created a way to use free will. They chose to follow after sin. Since we all came from them, we are all sinners.

3. Because God’s love is genuine and never changes its mind, He made a plan to take away our sins and make us perfect so we could be with Him forever.

4. That plan was to have a perfect being take our sins upon Himself. As many as believe in the perfect being have their sins removed as far as the east is from the west.

The Perfect Being

1. Since there were no perfect people on earth, God sent His own Son from heaven as a human who would take away sins.

2.  God’s son is Jesus Christ. In order for Jesus to take away our sins, He had to die. It cost His physical life. When He died on the cross, all the sins of all the world died with Him. That does not mean there is no more sin. It means we can have our sins forgiven and break the power they have over us.

3.  When we become Christians, we make two choices: 1) we choose Jesus as our Savior who died for our sins because we were not perfect and could not die for our own sins, AND 2) we choose Him as Lord. 

The Savior

1. For Jesus to be our Savior means just what it sounds like. He saves us.

2. To be saved means we are saved from the kind of death that keeps us apart from God and His heavenly home.

The Lord

1. For Jesus to be our Lord also means just what it sounds like.

2. A Lord is another name for a master. 

3. If we choose Jesus as our Savior, we must obey Him as our Lord.

4. The only way to obey Jesus is to learn to love the Bible. It is truly an awesome book and contains all the answers to life (understanding those answers is a lifetime process).

5. Now we have a new life in Christ. Christianity is a lifestyle you live, not just words you speak.

6. A disciple follows a master—believes in his teachings and lives life in accordance to those teachings. A Christian is a disciple of Christ.


1. Sometimes people think they are too young to become Christians. You are never too young. God loved you before you were born. He was very excited about your birth and wants you to choose Him as soon as you know who He is.

2. Sometimes people think they are too old and it is too late in life for them to become Christians. You are never too old. God was hoping you would choose Him when you were young, but He has never given up hope. His arms are open wide. He wants you!

3. Sometimes people think that they have done terrible things and they are just too bad to ever become Christians. Remember Christ is a Savior, it’s all about having the sins taken away—it’s all about forgiveness … no matter what.

If you are ready to become a Christian below is a prayer to pray. After you have prayed, sign the paper, and date it. Praise God and tell someone right away! Find a Bible teaching church and join in fellowship with other Christians.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I confess I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and has cleansed me from them. I ask Jesus to come into my heart and be the Lord of my life. As Jesus rose from the dead to live with You, I believe that from this moment on I have that same eternal life. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Signed______________________________________                   Date________________

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