Light That Gives Out


MATTHEW 5:15_Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel…

What is the point of lighting a candle, or lamp, or even a match, just to hide it? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Remember the purpose of light? It was mentioned twice in the previous devotion – to dispel and overcome darkness!

If you lit a candle and covered it with a solid bushel container, what would be the result? Once air could no longer feed the flame, the light would be snuffed out. If the container were some kind of basket which allowed air to seep through, the flame could continue to grow, possibly catching the basket on fire. Neither the snuffing nor the fire has a positive result.

In both scenarios there is potential for the light to stray from its purpose. In the case of the basket the good light can turn into a destructive fire. If you are a charismatic person, but not a salty disciple of Jesus, you can use the charm and persuasiveness of your light to lead others into various forms of bondage.

In the case of the solid container the light which was intended to do good, gives out of air and does nothing at all. If you are a politically correct Christian, who fears the love of people more than the love of God, your light gives out.


Holy Jesus, Help me to keep my light shining for Your glory. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.               

Christ does not hide His light—He uses it for my good!

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