MATTHEW 7:25_And the rain descended, and the floods came…

I have never experienced a flood first hand. However, I have seen results of the devastation. It is heart breaking to see the destruction a flood can leave. The power surges water can release are phenomenal. 

There is much more than the destruction, there is displacement.

Families who have lost all their worldly possessions are homeless.

Dorothy’s there’s no place like home—no longer applies.

The peace experienced when coming home after a hard day has disappeared.

Businesses can also be displaced. Time lost to customers can send your customers elsewhere. It is a hard, sad experience.  

There are other tragedies accompanied with floods such as sewage flowing openly in streets. Disease is added to the trauma. Then there is the struggle to care for the sick.

Of course worst of all, is the heart break of loss of lives. A flood is not something we want to experience—even with a solid foundation.


Holy Jesus, I know the only place I find safety is in Your Word. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

  Christ’s principles are safety—I want them in my life!

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